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Carolina Panthers Rock Hill Development

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The Carolina Panthers, York County and the city of Rock Hill, S.C., have joined in a community partnership to transition the team's headquarters to Rock Hill. The new site will not only include a world-class sports complex, but also be a true destination site for the entire region, offering entertainment, dining, retail, athletics and medical care.

Groundbreaking for the site commenced in June 2020 with the first phase opening planned for 2023. Constructed on a 240-acre site adjacent to I-77, the facility and development will ultimately include:

  • The Panthers new HQ offices
  • An indoor practice facility
  • Outdoor practice fields which can also be utilized to host multiple high school football games.
  • Indoor facility to host athletic events and games, concerts and corporate events
  • A premier orthopedic sports medicine facility
  • Corporate offices
  • Residential space
  • Retail stores

The headquarters will also mean significant infrastructure improvements for the region. An interchange off I-77 will be part of additional road improvements, including more than 13,000 feet of new public streets, 2,600 parking spaces, sidewalks and trail networks for cyclists and pedestrian walkers and runners.


The Carolina Panthers Rock Hill Development is an innovative mixed-use, pedestrian friendly community anchored by the practice facility, headquarters offices, and sports/entertainment venue with emphasis on retail/entertainment/media productions, hospitality, employment, research and development, residential dwellings, indoor and outdoor recreation, and open space uses. Constructed on a 200+ acre site adjacent to I-77, the Panthers organization is investing to develop and build the facility and development infrastructure, which will initially include: new headquarters offices; an indoor practice facility; outdoor practice fields; scalable small stadium to host high school sports, concerts, festivals, etc.; an indoor facility to host games, concerts and corporate events; and a premier orthopedic sports medicine facility.

Inspired by the quarries of South Carolina and the city of Rock Hill, Populous introduced its design with the following fundamental principles:

  • To think football and beyond;
  • To be smart and state-of-the-art; and
  • To be authentically Panthers.

As guests arrive at the training facility, the entrance greets everyone with a moment of significant impact - a series of canted glass walls, articulated metal panels and LED displays are choreographed to captivate visitors upon entry, culminating at one of the building's peaked rooflines which rises toward the southeast. The west lobby serves as the team entry and opens up to a one-of-a-kind commons area that serves as a social gathering space for café style dining, impromptu meetings, and multi-purpose events – each offering the ability to enjoy expansive views of the surrounding landscape.

Once arriving to the athlete facilities, the team locker room and training and recovery programs organize themselves around the primary length of the building and open themselves up to natural light and the outdoor practice fields to the south. Elevated office environments, lounges, and a café provide open views to the south and a direct relationship to the pavilion to the north which houses the facility's indoor playing field. Beyond the pavilion to the north lies an outdoor playing field, spectator seating, and bermed viewing areas, which will serve as a unique outdoor canvas for live events. For increased capacities and integration of indoor and outdoor space, the pavilion's two 90-foot wide by 80-foot tall operable glazed doors will open to transform the complex into a spectacular event space for concerts and live events.

The Park

A 5,000-seat outdoor, multipurpose stadium capable of hosting a wide variety of public events with numerous seating options ranging from traditional bench seating on the west and casual terrace seating on the east.

The Pavilion

A multi-purpose indoor practice space with 500 seats that is primarily used for Panthers' football practice, but has the capabilities to host community events.

New Street System

A framework of parkways, boulevards, and city streets.

The Piazza

A public plaza designed for events, a forecourt for the Park, and future location of restaurants and entertainment.

The Grove

A primary open space within the site, framing the public entrances to the headquarters entrance, the Park, and future development. The Grove presents a series of reflecting pools, lighting, and landscape, creating a front door for the development.

The Terrace

Public event space and training ground overlook, controlled and scheduled by the team.


  • 1 million cubic yards of earthwork in Phase 1
  • 3.9 million square feet of proposed development
  • Approximately 2-1/2 miles of public trails with connections to broader Rock Hill multi-use path system
  • Half mile of natural creek preserved
  • Over 60+ acres of native trees saved
  • Native and regionally appropriate planting palette with over 2,500 planted trees, 9,000 shrubs, and over 3 acres of ornamental grasses, perennials and ground cover
  • 5-acre lake and water feature, in concert with a system of trails, provides storm water management and irrigation for the project


  • Groundbreaking: July 2020
  • First phase opening planned for 2023
  • The Panthers new HQ offices
  • An indoor practice facility with 80-foot tall operable glass doors
  • Outdoor practice fields
  • Scalable small stadium to host high school sports, concerts, festivals, etc.
  • A premier orthopedic sports medicine facility

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